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A Fun with English nevű angol versenyre iskolánk három ötödik osztályos diákja, Farkas Emma, Mleșniță Ana és Viski Lea az általuk szabadon választott regényt versben mesélte el. Olvassátok szeretettel:

Roald Dahl: Fantastic Mr Fox

Mr. Fox is good and smart

And he also has a big heart.

He has four children and a wife

for whom he would give his life.

Fantastic  Mr. Fox

Ate a lot of chickens, turkeys and ducks.

He stole a lot of food,

But not from the farmers who are good.

Boggis and Bunce and Bean

One fat, one short, one lean,

These horrible crooks,

So different in looks,

Were nonetheless equally mean!

They wanted to kill

The one who has a stealing skill,

The three farmers then

Had an excellent plan.

They knew where his home was

So they waited until they saw his paws

But they only shot his tail

So their plan was a total fail

Bean, the farmer, has another plan:

He wants to dig out the foxes

as fast as he can.

The three farmers started to dig

But the foxhole was very-very big.

Mr. Fox cried:

“ Dig for your life!”

“Dig, dig if you don’t want to die!”

Mr. Fox and his family

just dig, and dig and dig:

And the foxhole becomes very big,

The three farmers couldn’t find them

So Bean shouted again:

“We need a new plan!

“Dig with tractors!

Mechanical tractors!”

The farmers dug again

But it wasn’t a good plan.

The foxes were faster,

They were the masters.

Bean said:

“I have a new plan! It isn’t bad.

Let’s starve the foxes out.

A few days, and they will come out!”

The foxes started to starve,

So they began to dig and carve.

Together with his four small foxes

He dug a tunnel to Boggis’ chicken boxes

They stole chicken after chicken

Even if the chance of getting caught

has started to thicken.

They took the chickens to their mother

who was surprised, because she thought

That they wouldn’t bother.

They took Badger, the great digger, with them

So that he could hopefully help them

They dug to the ducks and geese

Where they could steal in peace.

There was only one place left

Where they could commit theft

This place was Bean's apple cider cellar.

Mr. Fox knew this because he was a great smeller.

Now they got all they ever wanted

To invite their friends, they started

They ate and drank as much as they needed.

All the animals are

Very enthusiastic

About Mr. Fox being

So fantastic

Boggis and Bunce and Bean

One fat, one short, one lean,

Three men equally mean

Are still waiting for the fox to be seen.

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